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Books&Authors.com; has selected A CALL TO ARMS as 2012 best historical fiction.

The Military Writers Society of America has awarded THE POWER AND THE GLORY as "Best Historical Fiction of 2012."


A MATTER OF HONOR had been released as an audiobook. It is a superb rendition. The link for information and to order is provided in "My Books." At the bottom of the audiobook page is a link to a five-minute demo.

*** AWARD ***

The Military Writers Society of America has awarded the gold to FOR LOVE OF COUNTRY as the best novel of 2011 in the category "Historical Fiction Protagonist." More than 400 works of fiction were considered in the overall contest.


A CALL TO ARMS, the fourth volume in the Cutler Family Chronicles, has been released by the Naval Institute Press.

Audible, Inc., an Amazon company, has released volumes 2, 3 and 4 of the Cutler Family Chronicles in an audiobook format.

HOW DARK THE NIGHT, volume 5 of the Chronicles, will be released by the Naval Institute Press in the fall of 2013.

History comes alive in A MATTER OF HONOR...

"I was so caught up in the story, I didn't realize how much history I had learned until I was finished and began thinking about it. This is an absolute must read!"
--Jess M. Brallier, Author of 30 books


"I just finished you latest book. It was not a normal experience. Your characters not only seem lifelike, but I felt a part of the book. Your description of events, locals and the richness of the dialogue made me feel as if I were a party to events. Your style is unique, and exceedingly engaging."
--S. Glenn Krochmal, Weather Gauge Advisory, LLC


The Power and the Glory skillfully spins a story of an adventurous era, as real people lived it. Bill Hammond’s third book in his series makes you part of the dramatic events leading to the War of 1812, including venues reaching from New England to the Mediterranean waters sailed by the emerging American naval professionals who would stun the world in the War of 1812. The book’s characters match the real actions of those whose courage and determination lifted the United States onto the world stage at the beginning of the nineteenth century.”
—Joseph F. Callo, author of John Paul Jones: America’s First Sea Warrior

And in A CALL TO ARMS...

A Call to Arms is a riveting novel that educates as it entertains, very much recommended reading.
--Midwest Book Reviews, Fenruary 2013


“I highly recommend this historical fiction series. It’s as good as the novels of Patrick O’Brian. Start with the first book and read all three—then wait, as I must, with great anticipation for the release of book IV and other novels in the series. Bill Hammond is a master writer of nautical fiction whose literary gifts are yours to enjoy.”
—Karen Larson, editor, Good Old Boat Magazine

"I can't wait to read the next volume. Your writing is both riveting and addictive!"
--Capt. Ty Giesemann, USN (Ret.)


Dear Reader:

Welcome to the Age of Fighting Sail, as told from the American perspective. At this time a total of six novels is planned in the Cutler Family Chronicles that will take you, my valued reader, from England in 1774 to Massachusetts in 1814. The bases of all six novels are the creation of the U.S. Navy and the emergence of the United States as a naval and commercial power. All novels feature the Cutler family of Hingham, Massachusetts and Fareham, England, as well as a supporting and ever expanding cast of characters.

The novels are, in order of publication:

1. A Matter of Honor.

2. For Love of Country.

3. The Power and the Glory.

4. A Call to Arms.

5. Until Death Us Do Part has as a backdrop the events leading up to the War of 1812. Included are the Chesapeake vs Leopard affair, impressment of American sailors at sea by the Royal Navy, and the Embargo Act, a piece of legislation imposed by President Jefferson and Sevretary of State Madison that crippled American shipping companies, including Cutler & Sons, and nearly caused New England to secede from the Union. In addition to facing fierce trials and tribulations in the external environment, Richard Cutler and his family are forced to confront the heart-wrenching illness of a dearly beloved family member. Years Covered: 1805 to 1811.

6. An untitled work that will have as its focus the War of 1812, a war that had as its shining glory, aside from the defense of Fort McHenry in Baltimore and the Battle of New orleans, the gallantry and valor of the United States Navy in actions versus the Royal Navy on the Atlantic and the Great Lakes. Years covered: 1812 to 1814.

I hope you enjoy reading these novels. Please email me with any comments or questions you might have. I promise to respond. Your interest in my work means everything to me. It's why I continue to set my alarm for 0400 each morning to get to my writing. There is, frankly, nothing I would rather do.

Fair winds, and thank you for your support.

Bill Hammond

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